At each Annual General Meeting, the MSSTA executive is elected from the organization’s membership. Members at Large are welcome to join each meeting or to volunteer for events such as SAGE.

The current Executive is as follows:

Position First Name Last Name Email
President Kevin Lopuck president@mssta.org
Vice President Kara Wickstrom-Street
Past President John Thompson registrar@mssta.org
Secretary Brienna Street
Treasurer Shannon Campbell treasurer@mssta.org
SAGE Coordinator John Thompson info@mssta.org
SAGE Registration Katie Williams registrar@mssta.org
Assistant SAGE Registrar Curt Cawson
Social Media/Website Katie Williams online@mssta.org
Journal/MB ED Linda Connor
Early Years/Social Media Angie Kuhnle
Middle Years Katie Williams
Senior Years Rob Schrofel
University of Winnipeg Barb Taylor
University of Manitoba Empty
Brandon University Empty
U of M Student Rep Empty
U of W Student Rep Michael Benjamin
Member at Large Cam Sheppard
Member at Large Kerri Martin
Member at Large Leigha Jackson
Member at Large Mike Hall
Member at Large Christel Hildebrandt