Our new Constitution is currently under review by MTS and MSSTA. Below is our active constitution, which will be updated as soon as the new constitution has been ratified by MSSTA and formatted for publishing.

Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association Incorporated (M.S.S.T.A)

Articles of Incorporation

Article 1. Name
The name of the association shall be “The Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association, Inc.” herein after called M.S.S.T.A., which is in affiliation with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, herein after called the Society. No terms in this constitution and bylaws may run counter to the constitution, bylaws and policies of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

Article 2 Objectives: The objectives of  M.S.S.T.A. shall be:
1. To promote and advance the teaching of the Social Sciences in the province of Manitoba.
2. to disseminate information about current Social Science developments.
3. to further in-service training of teachers of the Social Sciences at both the provincial and the regional levels that will promote high standards of professional practice.
4. to protect the identity and encourage the development of the individual disciplines within M.S.S.T.A. and act as an advocate of these disciplines.
5. to furnish recommendations, advice and human resources to the Provincial Executive and other appropriate bodies of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society on matters affecting the teaching of the Social Sciences.
6. to attempt to have the various regions of Manitoba participate with MSSTA

Article 3 Membership
Membership in M.S.S.T.A. is open to those who hold in common the above objectives, namely:
1. a. any present or former teacher in any public or private school, university or college in the province of Manitoba
b. any member of the Department of Education with a special interest in the Social Sciences.
2. any student at a college or university in the province of Manitoba shall be eligible for student membership.
3. other persons interested in the Social Sciences
– Membership year shall conform to the fiscal year.
– 60% of the members of M.S.S.T.A. must be members of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.
Membership categories and fees are to be set out in the appended bylaws and regulations.

Article 4 Local or Regional Chapters and Area Subgroups:
1. The Board of Directors of M.S.S.T.A. shall encourage and shall have authority to grant recognition to area subgroups and local or regional chapters on an as needed basis

Article 5 Board of Directors
1. The Board of Directors shall be the administrative body and be responsible for making final decisions on all activities and business matters of M.S.S.T.A.

2. The Board of Directors shall consist of:
a. General Directors
i. Equitable representation from appropriate the social science disciplines as the Board of Directors deem necessary
ii. S.A.G. Council representative, who must be a member of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society
iii. Professional development chairperson – responsible for SAG/or other PD activities
iv.an ex-officio contact person each region, or local chapter.
v. Editor of the Journal
vii.at least one representative teacher from early, middle and senior years
viii.University representative(s)
ix.Representatives from other interested areas as the President and/or Board deem necessary
x.Manitoba Education representative

b. Executive (Originally called Incorporating Directors)
i. Immediate Past President
ii. President
iii.First Vice President
iv.Second Vice President
v. Secretary
vi.Treasurer (Secretary and Treasurer can be held by one person)

The above shall be elected from the membership as follows:
a. General Directors (three year term)
One third to be up for election at each Annual General Meeting, and gain office by a majority vote of the members attending the meeting.
b. Executive (two year term)

The Executive shall be elected by majority vote of the Board of Directors from the Board membership at the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The intended slate must have been presented at the Annual General Meeting
3. Powers and Duties of the Executive shall be:
a. to call meetings of the Board of Directors as required, provided that there are at least three meetings per year.
b. to coordinate and control the work of the standing committees and to approve the appointments to membership on such committees as recommended by the President.
c. to appoint such ad hoc committees as are required from time to time.
d. to exercise general control and supervision over the affairs of M.S.S.T.A. in consultation with the other members of the Board of Directors.
e. to keep familiar with the policies of the Society that may affect M.S.S.T.A.

4. Vacancies
A vacancy occurring in any of the elected positions during a term of office may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors and ratified at the next Annual General Meeting.

5. Absences
A board member who misses two consecutive meetings without just cause (e.g. illness) may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board at a properly called Board meeting. Such past board member will be informed of the action.

6. Nomination Slate
The slate of nominations for Board of Directors shall be prepared by a committee headed by the Past President. This slate shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting and further nominations shall be accepted from the floor at that meeting. Those present at the meeting who hold current membership shall be eligible to vote.

Article 6 Quorum
1. The quorum of the Board of Directors of M.S.S.T.A. shall consist of seven voting members of which two must be of the executive.
2. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall consist of nine voting members of which at least two shall be of the executive.

Article 7 Finance
1. Fees and Accounting
a. the Board of Directors shall have the power to levy fees and make expenditures.
b. Fifteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting of M.S.S.T.A., the Treasurer shall have available an audited account of receipts and expenditures for the previous fiscal year, and present a financial statement for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.
c. A tentative budget shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, and it shall be approved at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following that Annual General Meeting.

2. Financial Relationships with Local or Regional Chapters and Area Sub Groups
a. A grant (the amount determined by the Board of Directors) may be available to Local or Regional Chapters and Area Sub Groups upon written request.
b. Grants shall be made payable once each fiscal year.
c. The Board of Directors may make additional grants available to any Local or Regional Chapter and Area Sub Groups for special projects.

3. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall run from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.
4. Cessation of M.S.S.T.A. activities

In the event that M.S.S.T.A. ceases to be active (has not formed a Board of Directors or maintained a membership of at least 20 for two successive years) assets, after payment of debts and liabilities shall be turned over to a recognized non-profit organization in the area whose objectives most closely accord with those of this organization as determined by M.S.S.T.A.’s members at dissolution.

Article 8 Committees
1. The Board of Directors may appoint from time to time such committees as it deems necessary to carry out the work of M.S.S.T.A.
2. The Board of Directors shall establish terms of reference for all committees which it appoints.

Article 9 Liaison
1. Any formal policy representations which M.S.S.T.A. wishes to make to any organization, governmental department, or any other agency shall be conducted in consultation with the Provincial Executive or President of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.
2. Subscription to any M.S.S.T.A. publications may be offered to all interested bodies or individuals. Such necessary fees shall be set from time to time by the Board of Directors.
3. Copies of the Constitution shall be provided at the Annual General Meeting to all incoming members of the Board of Directors.
4. A copy of the agenda and minutes of each meeting of the Board of Directors of M.S.S.T.A. shall be provided to each Chapter and Area Sub Group.

Article 10 Terms of Continuing Affiliation
1. M.S.S.T.A. shall supply the Society with an annual report of its activities for the information of Provincial Council. Receipt of the report shall be in accordance with the deadlines as determined for each year by the Provincial Executive of the Society.
2. M.S.S.T.A. shall file with the Society within four weeks of its elections a list of officers and executive so elected.
3. M.S.S.T.A. shall file with the Society an audited financial statement within one week of the Annual General Meeting of M.S.S.T.A.
4. M.S.S.T.A. shall make a formal review of its Bylaws or Regulations at least every fifth year. Changes in M.S.S.T.A.’s Bylaws or Regulations shall be operative only after approval by the Provincial Executive of the Society.
5. M.S.S.T.A. shall not make membership in M.S.S.T.A. a prerequisite for attendance at its major conferences.
6. M.S.S.T.A. is expected
a. to assist the Society when requested by the Provincial Executive in the study of problems peculiar to M.S.S.T.A.’s special area of interest.
b. to recommend names of resource people for seminars, in-service programs, or committees.

Article 11 Meetings
M.S.S.T.A. shall hold at least one Annual General meeting each year at which time the President shall report in detail on business of the association and a financial statement shall be presented by the Treasurer. The Board of Directors shall determine the date of the Annual Meeting and shall give the general membership at least twenty-one (21) days notice of same.

Article 12 Amendments
1. All proposed amendments shall be in the hands of the Secretary of the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days before the M.S.S.T.A. Annual General Meeting.
2. Proposed amendments must be presented at the Annual General Meeting. The Constitution can only be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at that Annual General Meeting.

Article 13 Rules of Procedure
The duties of the officers and of the Executive shall be defined in Roberts’ Rules of Order when not in conflict with any clause in this constitution, and these shall govern the procedure of the meetings.

Bylaws and Regulations
This section is set forth so that from time to time, by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, rules and regulations may be altered and recorded as needed. Notice of intent for alteration shall appear in the mailed-out agenda.

1. Fees
a. Fees should embody the idea of covering costs that are deemed necessary to provide programs and services to the members.

b. Membership fees shall be set from time to time by the Directors, subject to ratification at the next AGM. The categories shall be full fee, partial fee and no fee. Subcategories of these may be set from time to time. Institutional subscriptions shall be recorded separately.

c. M.S.S.T.A members who are members of the Society shall be counted for allocation calculations according to the policy set forth from time to time by the Society. The count is to be taken according to their timetable.

d. Conference fees for non-members shall be less than the sum of the conference and the membership fee combined.

2. Other Matters
a. Since the terms of Affiliation afford M.S.S.T.A. with services for mailing and the production and distribution of newsletters and journals, the Executive and Editor shall become familiar with the Services and Responsibilities to the SAG by the Society. These regulations are set out from time to time by the Society and have considerable bearing on how the allocation from the Society gets expended on such services.
Bylaw #3 Special Membership

It was resolved, and passed that there be an additional category of membership:

3 a. Honorary Life Membership – an award.
From time to time individuals may be recognized for outstanding contributions to the field of Social Sciences and the work of M.S.S.T.A in Manitoba. Such individual(s) may have served for many years in an important role that has seen the ideals and cause of Social Sciences advanced, or has/have served quietly but at great personal cost of time and effort to support Social Sciences and M.S.S.T.A. in the promotion of better Social Sciences in Manitoba.

This award is to be considered each year, with the Executive and Council seeking out and nominating suitable candidates by the last spring meeting. A suitably framed certificate is to be prepared and presented at the major M.S.S.T.A. meeting of the year.  Pains are to be taken to see that such honorees head up any membership list so that they will receive the regular mailings of the Association.
Passed at the AGM, October 25, 1996.